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How can we improve the experience of Africam Safari visitors?



Africam Safari is known in Puebla and the rest of Mexico as a place of conservation, education and recreation for the public. During the 3-hour trip through the safari park when customers see animals in the wild directly from their vehicles, it raises many questions in their minds that they would like to have answered quickly and conveniently.

Africam Safari had previously conducted a market investigation to determine what its customers required when they visited Africam Safari and, based on this research, requested a software company to produce an application to provide the information. Unfortunately, it was discovered that the application was difficult to use and did not successfully meet customer needs (a common problem when companies develop technology products without a good understanding of what people really want)

Africam Safari | Solution


We executed a strategic design process with our own proprietary "Yellow Jacket" method to determine the best way to solve this problem using technology.



We did an ethnographic investigation and identified that customers wanted to live the experience without having to constantly refer to the screens of the phones or ipads, because the real value of this experience is to observe the animals outside the cars.

Another point is that people want to know in which area of ​​the park they are currently traveling to be able to decide where to stop for a meal, bathrooms, shows and where to shop. In our interviews with interested parties with senior managers of Africam Safari, we discovered that the company did not have an established process to collect data about its visitors and, consequently, had no information to create strategic campaigns or improve its operational processes.

Through our proprietary design process, Yellow Jacket, Punk was able to identify a series of opportunities that Africam Safari management did not know about and we proposed a phased development of the Africam Safari application that has allowed them to exploit marketing opportunities that have increased the number of its visitors, revenue through more detailed data about its customers. We proposed five stages which are explained in the results.


We proposed to use beacon technology and integrate this hardware into the new application.

In our proposal, we include the integration with Google maps to indicate the areas in which visitors can discover animals, restaurants and services by listening to the verbal indications generated by the beacons or by consulting the map shown in the Africam Safari application that we developed. If the user does not have the phone unlocked and the application open, the beacons send automatic notifications with indications that users cross specific areas of animals, approach restaurants or services and impending events such as the eagle show, etc. These notifications can be verbalized depending on the configuration of the mobile phone, tablet or ipad that is being used.

The first stage of the five-staged development process provided a viable application that gathered information about animals, show times and information about restaurants and bathrooms. The second stage provided real-time location to users and the spatial relationship with other locations in the safari park, for example, how far it is from the next restroom or exhibition venue. The third stage included a login process through which Africam Safari was able to collect valuable data about its visitors and, with this, create real-time marketing strategies using push notifications and personalized content. In the fourth stage, we proposed a gamification strategy using a quick quiz when the user has completed a checking the stories that the beacon has activated. If visitors answers the quiz well, they receive virtual coins which can be used in the shops and restaurants in the safari park.

The last stage implements an e-commerce platform through which visitors can buy tickets to permit them to feed certain animals. This action has to be decided on an *ad hoc* basis by the animals’ keepers. Because of this, this opportunity is offered exclusively through an in-app purchase through the Africam Application.

The design never stops

You will find the application in App Store or Google Play.

We continue working on new features, an iterative process, listening to users to provide a better experience when visiting Africam Safari.

Our focus is to add value instead of features.

The most important thing for us was to create an improvement in the visit to the Safari, providing necessary and useful information for each user.

It is designed with data

Listening to our users we find the need to enable a direct communication channel to the Africam Safari team, either with an emergency call or a chat with experts.

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