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How to improve the customer experience of AMERIMED Hospitals?



Previously, isolated efforts had been made to improve internal communication and customer experience without any solutions being found. In this case, both patients and doctors are considered clients, therefore, the solution can be focused on both.



It began with a small data mining process in which we conducted interviews with patients, doctors, administrative staff and general hospital staff. This, together with participant observation in hospital visits, led us to detect stress points of both the patients and the doctors, such as the value of their time. These findings could be addressed through a digital platform.

We determined what functionalities would generate value to each stakeholder involved. On the patients’ side, we detected that a tool with which they could schedule appointments and keep a record of their prescriptions would optimize their time. For the doctors, we found that the value of time was even greater. Therefore, any effort made to optimize it would be helpful. For the administration, control over the areas that generate the most income was vital, as well as having a tool that would give them full transparency regarding the day's operation.


The hospital staff held a sprint together with our team of experts. From the findings, we determined that it would be necessary to create two applications: one, focused on the patients, and the other on the doctors.

In the first, appointments are generated through the app, which also sends the patients reminders about them. There is also your medical history with the information about all your past queries as well as photos of the prescriptions which had been written for you. Of course, there were also the general functionalities.

For the doctors’ version, the main functionalities were the creation of a synchronized digital agenda as, without it, doctors and assistants sometimes mistakenly made double bookings. In addition, the app provides information on the availability of operating theaters,  opportunities to provide consultation, payment status, etc.

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