How can we improve online support for CocoBongo customers via Facebook Messenger and evaluate the viability of creating a new sales channel using this platform?



Find the best way to improve support to clients and evaluate the viability of selling tickets through Facebook Messenger. We used our proprietary method “Yellow Jacket” to analyze, design, prototype and develop a solution.


We proposed, designed, and developed a platform that uses Facebook Messenger ChatBot technology to automate the selling process and, in addition, answer FAQs and help tourists to plan the visit to CocoBongo. This project generated data that we were able to use to improve our social media strategy.

Thanks to our strategic design method “YellowJacket”, we were able to understand the sales process very well, and the motivation of the customers, and with this information we were able to prototype a functional chatbot that we called “MrCocoBongo”, a chatbot with a very peculiar personality.


In tandem with a special advertising campaign, the ChatBot was launched. As an innovative product, we included tutorials on how to use Mr.CocoBongo to assist the users of the chatbot.

In the first month, the chatbot sold 0 tickets, but our Business Intelligence Team were able to identify where the customers left the conversation and where we needed to change the images and the copy for the chatbot.

This follow-up and modification is used to refine and improve the software that we have developed. With the data we obtain, we are able to make subsequent modifications and improve the software by producing more iterations. Now 60 to 90 tickets per month are regularly sold through this chatbot.

In this way, this chatbot has been able to successfully impact the number of tourists going to CocoBongo in the three location of Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Punta Cana.

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