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How to provide an application for sales reps to sell Xcaret products?



Hotels announced in 2017 that tourist companies, in an effort to become paperless, should not use printed flyers to advertise and promote their products, but should provide this information through digital platforms such as applications, websites, etc. For this reason the Xcaret Group required a fast-track development of an application for sales reps which the group wasn’t able to develop quickly enough in-house.

Punk was commissioned to develop this application in an appropriate time-frame and our proprietary problem-solving method “YellowJacket” identified a number of other problems which could be resolved through the development of a customized application while maintaining required schedule for development. For example, we identified problems in that sales reps do not work directly for Xcaret but for agencies, that commissions from Xcaret are paid in points rather than cash unlike other companies, that the loyalty program could be improved in order to get better results for both Xcaret and the sales reps. Punk proposed to produce an application which would overcome the initial difficulty while, at the same time, ameliorating the other problems that we had identified to the YellowJacket method.


We ran ethnographic interviews with the stakeholders from Xcaret and with the sales reps from the various agencies, and we identified a basic problem that the sales reps were disincentified because they received commission on sales from the Xcaret group in kind rather than in cash, unlike other companies. In addition, we identified that Xcaret was not receiving sufficient data from the tourist agencies or their sales reps to enable Xcaret to improve its sales or the methods that it was employing in its sales processes.

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